Tuesday, November 18, 2008

3FL Standings (after S8: Week 11)


  1. The LFO is feeling a bit like the Steelers with respect to our schedule. The two teams we play a second time are currently occupying the top two seeds. I have a suggestion for our week 12 & 13 opponents:

    Since you have both clinched playoff berth, you should now be looking to avoid the curse. Might I suggest "resting" your first string players for the next two weeks?

  2. Technically, the Spiked Vipers have also clinched a playoff spot.

    The Marauders (who would need one win to pass the Vipers) play the Renegades and Brewers (who would each need two wins). Mathematically, at least one of these three teams will finish behind team Spi-Vi.

    Combine this with the bottom three, who cannot catch up, and the worst coach Goo-Moo's team can finish is 8th place.