Wednesday, December 10, 2008

3FL Notes: S8: Week 15 (Semifinals) Preview

Underdogs and defenses ruled the quarterfinals. Three out of four lower seeds advanced to the semis in the fifth highest scoring week in our playoff history.

And the curse continues. Of course.

Week 14 Recap

Top Scoring 3FL Team: Yuengling Brewers - 82 points

Player MVPs:

Indianapolis Colts Defense - 25 points
Peyton Manning (QB/Ind) - 23 points
Arizona Cardinals Defense - 23 points
Pittsburgh Steelers Defense - 23 points

Playoff Predictions Tally

League Voting: 2/4 - 50%
Yahoo! Projections: 3/4 - 75%

Go vote! The polls close at 8:10pm on Thursday.

Week 15 Information

Thursday Night: New Orleans Saints @ Chicago Bears
Sunday Night: New York Giants @ Dallas Cowboys
Monday Night: Cleveland Browns @ Philadelphia Eagles

Semifinal Games
(Winners play in 3FL SuperBowl VIII, losers play for 3rd Place)

#8 Dumbbums vs. #5 Yuengling Brewers
The matchup of the blank helmet logos should be an interesting one. Everyone knows how hot the 'Bums have been, but the Brewers look like they can hold their own after outscoring everyone last week. Both teams have been here before. In fact, they have combined for three appearances in the big game (even though neither has won a 3FL championship). But another title shot will likely come down to Coach Coaldog's RBs that bookend the week.

#2 Baltimorons vs. #6 Marauders
This game has a little of the opposite of the other semifinal. These teams have also combined for three SuperBowl appearances, but all three have resulted in championships. The Steelers/Ravens game will be important for both teams, but the 'Morons have even more riding on the Sunday night showdown. Who will have a chance to add to their trophy collection?

Consolation Games
(Winners play for 5th Place, Losers play for 7th)

#1 Predacons vs. #4 Misfits, Inc.
It's OK if you thought this game would have a SuperBowl berth riding on it. Instead it will only decide who gets to play for fifth place. And it's a shame, but it might be the best matchup of the weekend. We'll have to wait for the Eagles on MNF to find out who wins but we already know one thing. Projected points should be thrown right out the window.

#3 Spiked Vipers vs. #7 Lightning
Portis is cranky. Addai is hurt. These two are going to have to do some paying attention this week to make sure their starters are starting. It looks like the Lightning are going to rely on Eli to end the week with some Sunday night fireworks, but the most important game happens on Thursday night. Anyone get the NFL Network?

Good luck this week. The SuperBowl awaits!

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