Thursday, October 03, 2013

3FL Notes: S13: Week 5 Preview

Two undefeated and two winless teams remain. But more importantly, you can change the background of your 3FL page to white instead of a blurry football field. Just click on the gear beside the logo on your team's page. Yay for readability!

Week 4 Recap

Top Scoring 3FL Team: Dumbbums - 101 points

Player MVPs:
Drew Brees (QB/NO) - 32 points
Peyton Manning (QB/Den) - 30 points
Indianapolis Colts Defense - 22 points

Predictions Tally

The Comm-nosticator: 15/24 - 62.50%
League Voting: 12/24 - 50%
Yahoo! Projections: 15/24 - 62.50%

Go vote!

Week 5 Information

Thursday Night: Buffalo Bills @ Cleveland Browns
Sunday Night: Houston Texans @ San Francisco 49ers
Sunday Night Late: San Diego Chargers @ Oakland Raiders
Monday Night: New York Jets @ Atlanta Falcons
Bye Week: Vikings, Steelers, Buccaneers, Redskins

And now the Comm-nosticator’s predictions for week 5:

The Comfy Chair (-1/2) vs. Renegades
Without a win here, it might be time for the Renegades to pack it up for the '13 season. I know it's only five losses but we only play thirteen games. They may actually be favored to earn a W this week but Aaron Rodgers stands in the way. Plus a Chair backup RB yet to be named.

Lightning (-1/2) vs. THE Haw
Can Drew Brees be stopped? Probably not. Sunday night will make for an exciting comeback attempt by the CAPS, but they got their win last week. It will be very close so don't bet an eyebrow or anything.

Predacons (-1/2) vs. Marauders
The Preds finally made all the right managerial decisions last week. And they lost for the first time this year. They should have an easier go against the tough luck Marauders this week, but who knows?

Baltimorons (-1/2) vs. Stiletto Stompers
Here we go. The 'Morons look to grab their first win this week and they've got a good chance to do it. Tom Brady will give them just enough of a lead so everyone will have to pay attention to Bilal Powell on MNF.

Yuengling Brewers (-1/2) vs. Spiked Vipers
The Brewers have a tough bye week to muddle through, but they may just have the best chance of anyone this season to beat the Vipers. Is that great manipulation of the waiver wire? Or just matchup luck?

And the game of the week...

Dumbbums (-1/2) vs. Misfits
Coach Coaldog has a great shot at handing FitzCorp their first loss of the season. That of course depends on which 'Bums show up. And if they start a Defense. If not I'm changing my pick.

Good luck this week.

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