Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Draft Tonight!

Don't forget - our live online draft starts tonight at 8:00pm EDT. A majority of the league should be in attendance.

I've entered the keepers into the system as "pre-draft picks," so they should appear on your team as soon as the draft starts.

Good luck!

Friday, August 25, 2006

Keepers List

This season is our first attempt at being a "keeper" league. One player from each team's final 2005 roster has been protected and will stay on the same 3FL team for this year. Here is the 2006 list of coaches' keepers (in draft order):

01. Dumbbums (Scott) - LaDanian Tomlinson (RB/SD)
02. Renegades (Val) - Jake Delhomme (QB/Car)
03. Baltimorons (Drew) - Marvin Harrison (WR/Ind)
04. Spiked Vipers (Nick) - Randy Moss (WR/Oak)
05. Rough Riders (Bev) - Tiki Barber (RB/NYG)
06. Lightning (Thad) - Antonio Gates (TE/SD)
07. Yuengling Brewers (Rob) - Shaun Alexander (RB/Sea)
08. Predacons (Brian) - Peyton Manning (QB/Ind)
09. Misfits (Julie) - LaMont Jordan (RB/Oak)
10. ray ray haw (Glenn) - "Cadillac" Williams (RB/TB)
11. The Comfy Chair (Dan) - Larry Johnson (RB/KC)
12. Marauders (Greg) - Clinton Portis (RB/Was)

The live online draft is set to take place on Wednesday, August 30th at 8:00pm. Just login to Yahoo! and go to the 3FL league page - instructions will be there on how to enter the draft. Try to be a few minutes early, as the applet has to start on your computer and the draft will begin right on time. If you can't be there, you should still set up your pre-draft rankings, and for you it will be just like the draft in previous years.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Welcome to Season 6!

You are looking at the newest addition to the Family Fantasy Football League (the 3FL). Only the 12 coaches in the league have access to the official 3FL page, but we have started a blog so that everyone else can also keep track of the action.

The 3FL Notes and all other information from the 3FL Commissioner will be posted here. After each week's games, updated league standings will be available on this page as well. (I'll still email the league if something important or time sensitive comes up).

If you are new to the 3FL experience, a who's who of teams and their coaches is available on the sidebar to the right. Click on a coach's name for their 3FL profile. And the links to our league's Rules and Records (under 3FLinks) might be helpful to you as well.

Need to take a step back and ask, "what is Fantasy Football?" That's OK, too. If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to ask.