Thursday, October 26, 2023

3FL Notes: S23: Week 8 Preview

We're now halfway through our regular season and there is a new team atop the standings. And only a single game separates the #2 team and the #11 team.

Thankfully we get break from the byes this week. All NFL teams are scheduled to play.

Week 7 Recap

Top Scoring 3FL Team: Dumbbums - 120 points

Player MVPs:
Lamar Jackson (QB/Bal/P) - 32 points
Patrick Mahomes (QB/KC/L) - 32 points
D'Onta Foreman (RB/Chi/D) - 29 points

Predictions Tally

The Comm-nosticator: 27/42 - 64.29%
Yahoo! Projections: 26/42 - 61.90%

Week 8 Information

Thursday Night: Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Buffalo Bills
Sunday Night: Chicago Bears @ Los Angeles Chargers
Monday Night: Las Vegas Raiders @ Detroit Lions
Bye Week: None

And now the Comm-nosticator’s predictions for week 8:

Yuengling Brewers (-1/2) vs. Renegades
Two-thirds of the Beermen's starters are projected to score double digits. It should end up closer than the estimations, but Coach Val will need a big game out of each of her MNF players to have a chance at an upset.

Predacons (-1/2) vs. Misfits, Inc.
For the first four weeks of the season the Preds couldn't lose. Now it seems like they can't win. Last week they lost their third in a row, despite being 25 point favorites. There is another big odds line here but maybe they can at least eek out a victory?

Baltimorons (-1/2) vs. Stiletto Stompers
These two have the same record and only eight points separates their season point totals. The 'Morons have a slight edge at RB which might be the difference. But are the Stompers really starting the TB Defense against the Bills tonight?

the HAW (-1/2) vs. Dumbbums
It's easy to win when your team scores 40 points above your projected total. And it probably won't take that many to beat the CAPS, who have had two unlucky games in a row. They should win this one, though, as long as D'Onta Foreman has an appropriate total on Sunday night.

Phys. Ed. Phenoms (-1/2) vs. Spiked Vipers
After losing their first four games of the season, PEP have won their last three and hold the same record as the Vipers. A bunch of Qs on both teams will probably hold the key to victory here, but let's also watch what happens with each of their underperforming QBs.

And the game of the week...

Marauders (-1/2) vs. Lightning
The Bolts took over the top spot in the league and stand alone with a 5-2 record. It's going to be tough to stay there as they face off against the high flying Marauders. This 1 vs. 2 matchup starts tonight but won't be decided until Sunday Night Football wraps up. It really could go either way.

Happy Halloween and good luck this week!

Thursday, October 19, 2023

3FL Notes: S23: Week 7 Preview

An upside down week saw our top three teams lose and our bottom two win. Now everyone has at least two victories and two defeats after our first six weeks. How much will things get shaken up this week with six NFL teams on a bye?

Week 6 Recap

Top Scoring 3FL Team: Yuengling Brewers - 116 points

Player MVPs:
Raheem Mostert (RB/Mia/M) - 30 points
Tua Tagovailoa (QB/Mia/M) - 23 points
Tyreek Hill (WR/Mia/SV) - 22 points

Predictions Tally

The Comm-nosticator: 23/36 - 63.89%
Yahoo! Projections: 22/36 - 61.11%

Week 7 Information

Thursday Night: Jacksonville Jaguars @ New Orleans Saints
Sunday Night: Miami Dolphins @ Philadelphia Eagles
Monday Night: San Francisco 49ers @ Minnesota Vikings
Bye Week: Bengals, Cowboys, Jets, Panthers, Texans, Titans

And now the Comm-nosticator’s predictions for week 

Lightning (-1/2) vs. Renegades
Don't look now but the Renegades are atop the West Division and have won their last three in a row. It won't be easy to extend that streak against the Bolts now that Saquon Barkley is back, though, especially with Ja'Marr Chase on his bye.

Predacons (-1) vs. Dumbbums
After starting the season with four straight wins, the Preds have now dropped their last two (and they were on the wrong end of the biggest blowout last week). They should be able to get things back on track after this one since the entire 'Bumbs bench is packed with bye week players.

Marauders (-1) vs. Stiletto Stompers
It's easier to win a game when you have the top two scoring players of the week on your team. Coach Hoss did just that last week, getting 53 points from Tua and Mostert alone. Those two are always a threat to pile up the points, and if Christian McCaffrey is healthy...look out.

Yuengling Brewers (-1/2) vs. Spiked Vipers
These two teams are just about even. They have identical records and are close in the standings and in point totals. The projections give the Brew Crew the edge, but I think it will be closer than predicted. And it will definitely come down to Monday night.

Baltimorons (-1) vs. Misfits, Inc.
Despite having their starting QB on the IR and their starting RB ruled out early, FitzCorp rallied to somehow pick up a win against out second place team last week. They were 24 point underdogs and won by 8. I didn't believe the MNF comeback then. And I don't believe they can repeat that feat (even though they have a full, healthy lineup this week).

And the game of the week...

the HAW (-1/2) vs. Phys. Ed. Phenoms
After a tough start to the year, the Phenoms come into this one hot after winning their last two. Byes will play a part and the matchups are predicting low totals, but perhaps the CAPS can be on the winning end of a primetime comeback this week? Either way it's going to be close.

Good luck this week.

Thursday, October 12, 2023

3FL Notes: S23: Week 6 Preview

The Preds lost, the Phenoms won, and we saw a triple digit margin of victory in week 5. What's next? 

Week 5 Recap

Top Scoring 3FL Team: Stiletto Stompers - 135 points

Player MVPs:
DJ Moore (WR/Chi/SS) - 41 points
Ja'Marr Chase (WR/Cin/R) - 37 points
Travis Etienne, Jr. (RB/Jax/SS) - 31 points

Predictions Tally

The Comm-nosticator: 19/30 - 63.33%
Yahoo! Projections: 19/30 - 63.33%

Week 6 Information

Thurdsay Night: Denver Broncos @ Kansas City Chiefs
Sunday Morning: Baltimore Ravens @ Tennessee Titans
Sunday Night: New York Giants @ Buffalo Bills
Monday Night: Dallas Cowboys @ Los Angeles Chargers
Bye Week: Packers, Steelers

And now the Comm-nosticator’s predictions for week 6:

Baltimorons (-1/2) vs. Renegades
Both of these teams are riding two game winning streaks and they come into this matchup with even projections across the board. Austin Ekeler should be back in the lineup for the 'Morons and that gives them the slightest of edges. Stay tuned for a thrilling Monday night!

Marauders (-1/2) vs. Predacons
The Preds lost for the first time last week, and it didn't help that they picked the wrong starting QB. Again. Now they face the Marauders, who are actually our top scoring team in the league despite their 2-3 record. This is going to be a great matchup with players in every NFL time slot.

Phys. Ed. Phenoms (-1/2) vs. Lightning
PEP was down by 8 points going into MNF last week but Christian Watson scored just enough points to give the Phenoms their first win by the slimmest of margins. They can double their win total this week against the formidable Bolts, but it might take another Monday night comeback to do it.

the HAW (-1) vs. Misfits, Inc.
It's probably best if FitzCorp just deletes the film from last week's loss and moves on. They only scored 35 points, their lowest game total in a decade (exactly a decade, actually – week 5 of the 2013 season). I'd say it can't be that bad again, but as of this writing they don't even have a healthy starting quarterback on the roster. But Cooper Kupp is back. So there's that.

Yuengling Brewers (-1/2) vs. Stiletto Stompers
The Stompers outscored the league and had the biggest blowout that anyone can remember in league history. They won't win this one by 101 points, though. Their top pick has landed on IR and the Brew Crew has some favorable matchups on the schedule.

And the game of the week...

Spiked Vipers (-1/2) vs. Dumbbums
Sam Howell and C.J. Stroud face off in this battle of the backup QBs. It's setting up to be a tight matchup with the Sunday morning game (my goodness, they're playing in England again) telling the story. It's a shame De'Von Achane is hurt or this one would be even closer.

Good luck this week.

Thursday, October 05, 2023

3FL Notes: S23: Week 5 Preview

Only the Predacons remain undefeated and the Phenoms are still searching for their first win. The byes start this week - make sure your team is ready.

And don't forget about another 9:30am game on Sunday from Old England!

Week 4 Recap

Top Scoring 3FL Team: Dumbbums - 118 points

Player MVPs:
Christian McCaffrey (RB/SF/M) - 41 points
Josh Allen (QB/Buf/tH) - 37 points
Stefon Diggs (WR/Buf/P) - 30 points

Predictions Tally

The Comm-nosticator: 17/24 - 70.83%
Yahoo! Projections: 17/24 - 70.83%

Week 5 Information

Thursday Night: Chicago Bears @ Washington Commanders
Sunday Morning: Jacksonville Jaguars @ Buffalo Bills
Sunday Night: Dallas Cowboys @ San Francisco 49ers
Monday Night: Green Bay Packers @ Las Vegas Raiders
Bye Week: Browns, Buccaneers, Chargers, Seahawks

And now the Comm-nosticator’s predictions for week 5:

Spiked Vipers (-1/2) vs. Renegades
It appears that SpiVi will make a change at QB this week. That could end up being the difference in this matchup, especially if the Renegades swap out their bye week players. Both teams will have to stay up for MNF.

Predacons (-1/2) vs. the HAW
In just looking at their roster it's hard to believe the Preds are our only remaining undefeated team. But they are also our second highest scorers (and have the second lowest points against), so perhaps that's it. This should be an entertaining game, with way too many starters on Sunday at 9:30 in the morning.

Stiletto Stompers (-1) vs. Misfits, Inc.
FitzCorp isn't going to go with Daniel Jones again this week, are they? Actually it might not matter. The projections are leaning so far toward the Stompers that not even a Cooper Kupp return would make much of a difference.

Marauders (-1/2) vs. Baltimorons
Coach Drew won for the first time in his last 10 games and could really use another victory here. All those injuries on his bench aren't going to help, though, especially if the Dolphins have a decent game against the lowly NY Giants.

Dumbbums (-1/2) vs. Phys. Ed. Phenoms
Things have not been going great for PEP so far this season. They're still winless after week four and are only one point better than the lowest scoring team in the league. That could change if Joe Burrow rediscovers his passing touch. But the byes and the projections are not being kind.

And the game of the week...

Lightning (-1/2) vs. Yuengling Brewers
This one could go either way. Things look basically even and if Saquon Barkley is healthy it could tip the advantage to the Bolts. But don't count out some Sunday night heroics by the Brew Crew to secure a comeback victory.

Good luck this week.