Saturday, August 29, 2009

Welcome to Season 9!

All 12 3FL teams have signed up and we're less than one week away from the draft. It's time to start thinking about football.

The 3FL blog is active again, too. Twitter functionality is coming for this season - sign up as your team and follow @the3FL to be added to the list. We'll be able to keep in touch (read: trash talk) in real time.

As a reminder, here is the order for our upcoming draft:

3FL 2009 Draft Order

1. Predacons
2. Marauders
3. Misfits, Inc.
4. The Comfy Chair
5. Yuengling Brewers
6. Rough Riders
7. Dumbbums
8. Baltimorons
9. Spiked Vipers
10. Lightning
11. ray ray haw
12. Renegades

We will hold the live online draft this Thursday, September 3, at 9:00pm.

The Predacons are on the clock (and they are picking Adrian Peterson unless he gets hurt on Monday night...)!