Thursday, December 29, 2016

3FL Notes: 2016 Fantasy Player MVPs

Here are the top performers at each position for the 2016 season. Also, the playoff portion of our records page and individual statistics for each manager (on the sidebar) are up to date through the end of this year's postseason.

If there are any other stats you would like to see, let me know.

3FL 2016 Fantasy Player MVPs

Aaron Rodgers (GB/B) - 321 points
Matt Ryan (Atl/MI) - 280 points
Drew Brees (NO/SS) - 277 points
Andrew Luck (Ind/P) - 258 points
Dak Prescott (Dal/R) - 242 points

David Johnson (Ari/PEP) - 310 points
Ezekiel Elliot (Dal/MI) - 280 points
LeSean McCoy (Buf/D) - 237 points
Le'Veon Bell (Pit/P) - 231 points
DeMarco Murray (Ten/MI) - 229 points

Jordy Nelson (GB/M) - 194 points
Antonio Brown (Pit/B) - 192 points
Mike Evans (TB/SS) - 188 points
Odell Beckham, Jr. (NYG/M) - 184 points
T.Y. Hilton (Ind/L) - 167 points

Travis Kelce (KC/tH) - 133 points
Greg Olsen (Car/SV) - 119 points
Delanie Walker (Ten/SS) - 114 points
Jimmy Graham (Sea/SV) - 112 points
Cameron Brate (TB/L) - 106 points

Matt Bryant (Atl/FA) - 154 points
Justin Tucker (Bal/tH) - 146 points
Dustin Hopkins (Was/SS) - 130 points
Caleb Sturgis (Phi/M) - 126 points
Adam Vinatieri (Ind/B) 125 points
Wil Lutz (NO/MI) - 125 points

Kansas City Chiefs (PEP) - 148 points
Denver Broncos (SS) - 141 points
Baltimore Ravens (M) - 125 points
New York Giants (FA) - 124 points
Minnesota Vikings (FA) - 124 points

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

3FL Notes: Season 16 Wrap-up

The 3FL 2016 final standings are as follows:

1. Misfits, Inc.
2. Stiletto Stompers
3. Baltimorons
4. Dumbbums
5. Phys. Ed. Phenoms
6. Marauders
7. the HAW
8. Spiked Vipers
9. Lightning
10. Predacons
11. Renegades
12. Yuengling Brewers

Week 16 Recap

Top Scoring 3FL Team: Phys. Ed. Phenoms - 115 points

Player MVPs:
Aaron Rodgers (QB/GB/B) - 37 points
David Johnson (RB/Ari/PEP) - 29 points
Jordy Nelson (WR/GB/M) - 27 points

Playoff Predictions Tally

League Voting: 6/12 - 50%
Yahoo! Projections: 7/12 - 58.33%

Final Individual Voting Tally
Total correct predictions for all 90 3FL 2016 games:

1. Predacons (48)
2. Dumbbums (11)
3. Phys. Ed. Phenoms (10)
4. Lightning (2)

We should maybe just turn off league voting for next year, right?!?

Top Scoring Team of the Week
Number of times each team had the top point total for the week (playoffs include 8 teams only):

Misfits, Inc. (3)
Phys. Ed. Phenoms (3)
Spiked Vipers (2)
Stiletto Stompers (2)
the HAW (2)
Dumbbums (1)
Predacons (1)
Yuengling Brewers (1)
Marauders (.5)
Renegades (.5)

Player MVPs to come...

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

SuperBowl XVI Champion!

Congratulations to Misfits, Inc. on their first ever SuperBowl title! Appropriately, the team with the highest point total in a season (and a career) put up the most playoff points and highest score to win a championship game.

Stay tuned later in the week for final stats and the 2016 season wrap-up.

Happy holidays and thanks to everyone for a great year!

Thursday, December 22, 2016

3FL Notes: S16: Week 16 (SuperBowl) Preview

We are guaranteed to have a brand new name on the trophy this season. The underdog #8 seed Stompers won again and FitzCorp survived a MNF scare, so we have just one week left to see which team can win their first ever 3FL championship!

Remember that most of the games are on Saturday this week. Merry Christmas Eve of football!

Week 15 Recap

Top Scoring 3FL Team: Stiletto Stompers - 94 points

Player MVPs:
Devonta Freeman (RB/Atl/M) - 30 points
Drew Brees (QB/NO/SS) - 29 points
LeSean McCoy (RB/Buf/D) - 28 points

Playoff Predictions Tally

League Voting: 3/8 - 37.5%
Yahoo! Projections: 4/8 - 50%

Week 16 Information
Thursday Night: New York Giants @ Philadelphia Eagles
Saturday Night: Cincinnati Bengals @ Houston Texans
Sunday Late: Baltimore Ravens @ Pittsburgh Steelers
Sunday Night: Denver Broncos @ Kansas City Chiefs
Monday Night: Detroit Lions @ Dallas Cowboys

Here we's SuperBowl week in the 3FL!

For 7th Place:
#5 the HAW vs. #7 Spiked Vipers
Our 4x champion CAPS wouldn't have beat anyone last week, so they find themselves here despite having higher expectations and Tom Brady at the helm. SpiVi was half of the only consolation bracket tie in our history but they lost the tiebreaker because of a head-to-head season loss. Another loss here would send them into the 2017 season with a L4. Who wants to end up 8th the least?

For 5th Place:
#1 Marauders vs. #3 Phys. Ed. Phenoms
It was a case of "one week too late" for both of these teams. After terrible showings in the quarterfinals, these two would have tied at 87 last week. Now they get to play to win the consolation bracket. There is no prize for ending up in 5th, and it is a little sad to see how far down they'll end up. At least they'll both have a reason to watch MNF.

For 3rd Place:
#4 Baltimorons vs. #6 Dumbbums
The 'Morons couldn't quite make it to their 3rd SuperBowl in a row, running into the red hot Stompers and getting pedestrian numbers out of their star players. And the 'Bums were oh so close to knocking off the Corporation. Jonathan Stewart clawed them to within 2 points on Monday night. But it was not meant to be. So now we get a decent matchup for 3rd place. I'll bet that the 'Morons put up a ton of points (maybe enough to have won the SB without last week's clunker).

3FL SuperBowl XVI
#2 Misfits, Inc. vs. #8 Stiletto Stompers
No matter what happens we'll see a new name engraved on the championship trophy this year. This is FitzCorp's fourth time in the big game and it's the third appearance for the Stompers. Coach Bev ended up here after knocking off the #1 seed in the quarterfinals and then outscoring the league last week. The Corporation's arrival was more obvious - they put up more points this season than any team in history (and it should be noted that they have the most career points scored as well). They survived a down week and MNF nail-biter but they are in position as a heavy favorite in our 16th championship game.

One of them will finally bring home the trophy. Can FitzCorp's RBs run them to the title? Will Drew Brees direct another amazing upset? Will we even need to watch MNF to find out the winner? Only the games on Thursday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday will have the answers. All we know is that someone will open an amazing present this weekend.

Merry Christmas and good luck this week!

Thanks to all for another fun season!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Thursday, December 15, 2016

3FL Notes: S16: Week 15 (Semifinals) Preview

The curse strikes again! The Marauders won ten games this season but are relegated to the consolation bracket after a four point loss to the #8 seeded Stompers in the quarterfinals. What's going to happen this week?

All individual team pages (see links on the sidebar) and the 3FL Records have been updated and show statistics through the end of the 2016 regular season. This year's additions to the records page are in bold. Through 1,266 regular season games we have scored a combined 157,671 points.

Don't forget about the Saturday night game this week (in addition to Thursday night). Make sure your lineup is set.

Week 14 Recap

Top Scoring 3FL Team: Misfits, Inc. - 112 points (T-2nd, playoffs all-time)

Player MVPs:
Bilal Powell (RB/NYJ/SS) - 29 points
Atlanta Falcons Defense (MI) - 27 points
Tom Brady (QB/NE/tH) - 24 points

Playoff Predictions Tally

League Voting: 1/4 - 25%
Yahoo! Projections: 2/4 - 50%

Go vote!

Week 15 Information

Thursday Night: Los Angeles Rams @ Seattle Seahawks
Saturday Night: Miami Dolphins @ New York Jets
Sunday Night: Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Dallas Cowboys
Monday Night: Carolina Panthers @ Washington Redskins

Semifinal Games
(Winners play in 3FL SuperBowl XVI, losers play for 3rd Place)

#2 Misfits, Inc. vs. #6 Dumbbums
With the Marauders eliminated it's looking like FitzCorp is our team of destiny this season. The curse did its part and things are aligning for our top scoring team of all time to make a run at the trophy. Of course they'll have to get past the 'Bums first (and their three middling QBs). It looks to be close but all signs point to the Corporation punching a ticket to their fourth SuperBowl.

#4 Baltimorons vs. #8 Stiletto Stompers
How about those Stompers? They scored the third lowest total this year and snuck into the last playoff spot after losing three of their last four games and ending with a sub-500 record. And then they knock off the #1 seed. Are they just getting warmed up in the postseason? The 'Morons have played in our last two SuperBowls and they could make it three with a win here as the favorite. That's pretty impressive.

Consolation Games
(Winners play for 5th Place, losers play for 7th)

#1 Marauders vs. #5 the HAW
Ouch. Coach Hoss and his ten win team felt the full power of the curse last week as injuries and coaching decisions brought them just short of a spot in the semis. The CAPS did ok last week - they actually would have beaten five of the other playoff teams. But these two will make for an entertaining consolation game. So there's that?

#3 Phys. Ed. Phenoms vs. #7 Spiked Vipers
After last year's disappointment it looked like PEP was on track for a deep run in the playoffs. They avoided the curse, scored a bunch of points, ended up in the top three, etc. But it was not to be, as they scored the lowest total in their entire 3FL history last week. That's usually not good for a quarterfinal win. SpiVi didn't do all that much better, but this week they'll each have a chance to earn a spot in the 5th place game. Meh.

Good luck this week. The SuperBowl awaits!

Thursday, December 08, 2016

3FL Notes: S16: Week 14 (Quarterfinals) Preview

What a finale! Half of our games weren't decided until Monday night and five of our teams ended the year at 7-6. The top eight are the same as they were this time last week, but it took some drama to stay there.

Thanks to the new 1pt/10yds rule, ten teams scored more points this season than any other team in our history. And we shattered the yearly league total by nearly 3,000 points.

Remember that ROSTERS WILL LOCK AT 1pm THIS SUNDAY, December 11th. Under our playoff rules you will be allowed to make 1 add/drop per week once the postseason starts, but only teams still in the winners bracket will be eligible to make a move (with waivers set in reverse order of seeding).

Three wins in a row wins it all!!

Week 13 Recap

Top Scoring 3FL Team: the HAW - 109 points

Player MVPs:
Andrew Luck (QB/Ind/P) - 31 points
Joe Flacco (QB/Bal/D) - 29 points
Jordan Howard (RB/Chi/tH) - 29 points
David Johnson (RB/Ari/PEP) - 29 points

Regular Season Final Predictions Tally

The Comm-nosticator: 45/78 - 57.69%
League Voting: 38/78 - 48.72%
Yahoo! Projections: 42/78 - 53.85%

Voting is up and running for the playoffs! Go vote!! Please!

Week 14 Information

Thursday Night: Oakland Raiders @ Kansas City Chiefs
Sunday Night: Dallas Cowboys @ New York Giants
Monday Night: Baltimore Ravens @ New England Patriots

The Comm-nosticator is finished for the year, but game previews are not...

#1 Marauders vs. #8 Stiletto Stompers
The Marauders were our clear top team for most of the season. They finished with double digit wins (three more than any other team) and were second in scoring. Now they face the eighth seeded Stompers, a team that lost their way into the playoffs and have scored 200 less points this season. But no matter. The curse has a way of evening things out. We'll all be watching on Monday night to see if the Ravens' D can score positive points and eek out a victory.

#2 Misfits, Inc. vs. #7 Spiked Vipers
FitzCorp limps into the playoffs after having lost their last three in a row and seeing their average point total drop below 100/week. The first of those losses was to the Vipers. Can it happen again? Probably not. The Corporation averaged 18+ more points per game than SpiVi this year and this margin of victory will probably be even more than that. The RBs will tell the tale.

#3 Phys. Ed. Phenoms vs. #6 Dumbbums
These two won their respective divisions this year and ended up with the same record. Of course more than half of our playoff teams are also 7-6. But anyway, this one favors PEP, who seemed to have learned a lesson about the curse last season. The biggest drama will be which middle-of-the-road QB the 'Bums will start. Things won't be final until MNF, but it will probably be pretty much decided before then.

#4 Baltimorons vs. #5 the HAW
These two have combined to win seven total SuperBowls (including the last two), so it's safe to say that the rest of the league is OK with having one of them knocked out before the semifinal round. Their records match and their point totals are just about even, so the outcome will be decided by the matchups and coaching decisions. Brady and Rodgers are no brainers, but what about the CAPS' WRs? And the 'Morons' RBs? And it will be another game that comes down to MNF.

Good luck in the playoffs! The trophy awaits!

Thursday, December 01, 2016

3FL Notes: S16: Week 13 Preview

No other teams claimed a playoff spot after last week's games, so it all comes down to our regular season finales to decide our final five postseason participants. Plus three of our four divisions are still up for grabs. It doesn't get much more exciting than that!

Week 12 Recap

Top Scoring 3FL Team: Phys. Ed. Phenoms - 102 points

Player MVPs:
Drew Brees (QB/NO/SS) - 34 points
Mark Ingram (RB/NO/L) - 28 points
Antonio Brown (WR/Pit/B) - 27 points

Predictions Tally

The Comm-nosticator: 41/72 - 56.94%
League Voting: 34/72 - 47.22%
Yahoo! Projections: 38/72 - 52.78%

It's the last week of the regular season. Go vote!!

Week 13 Information

Thursday Night: Dallas Cowboys @ Minnesota Vikings
Sunday Night: Carolina Panthers @ Seattle Seahawks
Monday Night: Indianapolis Colts @ New York Jets
Bye Week: Cleveland Browns, Tennessee Titans

And now the Comm-nosticator’s predictions for week 13:

Baltimorons (-1/2) vs. Renegades
After winning the last four weeks in a row, the Renegades must win here and hope for some outside help to play in a game next week. But the 'Morons have different ideas. Their Prime Time performers will probably put an end to Coach Val's late-season surge.

Predacons (-1/2) vs. Dumbbums
The Preds are mathematically eliminated from the postseason and will miss the playoffs for only the second time in our history, despite already scoring 1000+ points. Now they have to beat the West leading 'Bums just to not end the season on a five game losing streak.

Misfits, Inc. (-1/2) vs. the HAW
FitzCorp is almost guaranteed to be the top scoring team in 3FL history, but they can't end up as the top seed. It's almost a perfect scenario as the Corporation attempts to win their first league title. The HAW hasn't officially qualified for the postseason yet, but they have already won the SuperBowl four times, so...

Phys. Ed. Phenoms (-1/2) vs. Spiked Vipers
The South comes down to this game as the winner takes the division. A loss for SpiVi could be devastating depending on the other matchups because of their point total. Also they should probably start a RB.

Marauders (-1) vs. Yuengling Brewers
Nothing to see here. Our #1 plays #12 in an uneven matchup to finish the year. Coach Hoss has the top seed no matter what happens in this one, but is it better to face the curse with double digit wins on the season? It probably doesn't matter, but we'll probably get to find out.

And the game of the week...

Stiletto Stompers (-1/2) vs. Lighting
Both teams need a win. If the Bolts lose they are out for sure and even with a win they need some help (and to score a bunch of points). A Stompers win would guarantee a playoff spot and might even give them the West title.

Good luck this week.