Thursday, September 03, 2009

Draft Day

Don't forget - our live online draft starts tonight at 9:00pm EDT.

Make sure you run a test on your computer to make sure you have the necessary plug-ins installed. Just go to our league homepage and click "test your system" at any point before the draft.

Also, try to arrive and sign in a little early - the draft will start right on time.

If you are unable to be online tonight, make sure you set up your pre-rankings prior to 8:00pm. The draft will be just like the old autopick style for you. In fact, even if you will be online it might be a good idea to set your pre-rankings anyway. You know, just in case there is a thunderstorm or something happens to your internet connection right when your turn comes up.

And don't forget to sign your team (or you) up on Twitter and follow @the3FL. A feed is coming to the sidebar of this blog soon.

Good luck!

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