Tuesday, November 27, 2012

3FL Standings (after S12: Week 12)

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  1. What a crazy way to end the regular season!

    The number 1 spot is locked up, but the Vipers can still put THE Haw on the bubble:
    1. Spiked Vipers

    Three more teams have already clinched a spot, two of them securing their division titles. But remember that winning the division doesn't guarantee a top-4 seed. We could end up with seven teams with 7-6 records, so these three still have something to play for:
    2. Yuengling Brewers (887)
    3. Marauders (687)
    4. Baltimorons (657)

    Two teams have been mathematically eliminated despite their 3rd and 4th ranked point totals. While they can't make it themselves, they can still influence the playoff picture for everyone else:
    11. Stiletto Stompers
    12. Renegades

    That means this last week will fill HALF of the playoff spots.

    The four teams sitting in those spots now can secure a spot with a win (or a tie) - and all four can do that since none are playing each other. A loss puts them on the bubble with a chance that their fate will be decided on points. Here are the four 6-6 teams and their current point totals:
    5. Lightning (766)
    6. The Comfy Chair (741)
    7. THE Haw (725)
    8. Predacons (702)

    The two teams currently on the outside looking in are out if they lose (or tie) and still need some luck even if they win.
    9. Dumbbums (700)
    10. Misfits (699)

    A Dumbbums win means a Comfy Chair loss, but the 'Bums would have to win by more than 41 points to leapfrog the Chair in the standings. While that's not unheard of in the 3FL, the easiest path for both teams is a Predacons loss.

    The Misfits have a much longer shot, but if they can somehow pull out a win against the 2nd place Brewers, it will likely mean they've scored enough points to break a potential tie in their favor.

    Good Luck!