Friday, December 20, 2013

3FL Notes: S13: Week 16 (SuperBowl) Preview

That was quite a playoff week - we broke more records and saw the curse win again. Both the Predacons and Dumbbums won by at least 25 points and will meet in SuperBowl XIII in what should be a high flying matchup.

Who will be receiving an etched trophy plate as a Festivus present? We'll have to stay up for Monday Night Football to find out.

Week 15 Recap

Top Scoring 3FL Team: Predacons - 112 points (2nd all-time)

Player MVPs:
Jamaal Charles (RB/KC) - 40 points (New all-time record)
Justin Tucker (K/Bal) - 20 points
Colin Kaepernick (QB/SF) - 18 points

Playoff Predictions Tally

League Voting: 6/8 - 75%
Yahoo! Projections: 5/8 - 62.5%

Go vote! There is no Thursday game this week, so you have all the way up until Sunday @ 1pm to finalize your picks.

Week 16 Information

Sunday Night: Chicago Bears @ Philadelphia Eagles
Monday Night: Atlanta Falcons @ San Francisco 49ers

Here we's SuperBowl week in the 3FL!

For 7th Place:
#7 Misfits, Inc. vs. #8 Marauders
Appropriately, the seventh and eighth place teams will battle for seventh and eighth place. A lot of the players who carried FitzCorp into the playoffs are now sitting on the bench with red letters beside their names, but they are still able to field a decent team. Coach Hoss is dealing with kicker issues for the second straight postseason. As in his kicker has been cut from his NFL team. That makes the difference here.

For 5th Place:
#5 Yuengling Brewers vs. #6 Spiked Vipers
Appropriately, the fifth and sixth place teams will battle for fifth and sixth place. To add insult to RGIII, now the Brew Crew's other QB is questionable with a knee. SpiVi still has Cam Newton at the helm, so that's at least something. The winner of the consolation bracket will come down to a kicker and and a TE on MNF.

For 3rd Place:
#1 Lightning vs. #2 THE Haw
The curse struck again last week, and the top seeded Lightning have been relegated to playing the second seeded CAPS for third place. That makes 12 out of 13 times that the #1 seed has been kept from winning the championship. This matchup looks to be a good one, though. Can Brees and Graham get the Saints and the Bolts back on track? Or will Colin Kaepernick use his prime time game to give Coach Haw his 10th victory in the past 11 weeks?

3FL SuperBowl XIII
#3 Predacons vs. #4 Dumbbums
Here we go! These two South Division rivals face off in our 13th championship game. The Preds won both regular season matchups and therefore get the tiebreaker if we need it. This is the third SuperBowl appearance for each team, with the Dumbbums having a single championship win in 2008.

Jamaal Charles set a record last week, but he won't score 40 points again. Meanwhile for the 'Bums, Peyton Manning and Demaryius Thomas get to destroy the worst team in the NFL. They might outscore the Preds by themselves. It's all going to come down to Monday Night, when three of Coach Coaldog's players will lead the charge for a SuperBowl comeback.

Can Coach Sinkerbeam finally win it all? Will Peyton Manning set a another new playoff record? And whose name will be forever etched upon our last available spot on the original 3FL trophy? We've got one weekend to find out!

Happy Festivus, Merry Christmas and good luck this week.

Thanks to all for another fun season!

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