Friday, August 10, 2007

All In

All 12 teams were signed up and ready to go with three weeks left before the draft. Now it's time to start researching players and watching preseason games - although the latter will not really be of any help on draft day.

New for this year is the ability to change the attributes of your Yahoo! ID. Just go to your team page and click on your Yahoo! name (right after "Manager:"). From there you can change your nickname and the image associated with it. They are used to identify you, on both your fantasy sports profile page and whenever you make any transaction or post any message on the Yahoo! 3FL site.

If you choose to change your image to a logo, I'll include it (instead of your team's helmet) on your Records page and in the weekly standings. If you have any questions or need help just let me know.

There is only one name change this year - the Misfits have become Misfits, Inc. to reflect the new co-ownership of the team. Julie remains CEO while Tim has been promoted from External Consultant to Director of Football Operations.

Tim has been waiting for years to be allowed into the league, and thanks to the recent wedding it can be made official. It is the Family Fantasy Football League, you know.

Welcome to the family. And to the 3FL.

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