Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Draft Tonight!

Don't forget - our live online draft starts tonight at 8:30pm EDT.

You can run a test to make sure that your computer/browser are compatible with Yahoo!'s Java draft applet. Just go to our league homepage and click "test your system" at any point today before the draft.

Make sure that you arrive and sign in a little early - the draft will start right on time.

If you are unable to be online tonight, make sure you set up your pre-rankings prior to 7:45pm. The draft will be just like the old autopick style for you. In fact, even if you will be in virtual attendance it might be a good idea to set your pre-rankings anyway. You know, just in case there is a thunderstorm or something happens to your internet connection right when your turn comes up.

Good luck!

1 comment:

  1. The Lightning Football Organization is due for a break out year and we are looking forward to bringing the 3FL trophy back to Liverpool. As of right now we are all tied for first place. Yins should enjoy first place while it lasts 'cause it's all down hill from here.

    The LFO draft strategy will be based on that of last year's champions. We intend to pick up at least 7 QBs and offer a trade before the draft is even completed.