Friday, August 31, 2007

3FL Notes: Draft Analysis

We had another great draft turnout and even more fun on the message boards this year. Here is an analysis of the results (in draft order):

1. Misfits, Inc.: Surprising no one, the newlyweds selected LaDanian Tomlinson with the first overall pick. What is surprising is the quality of the rest of their team. As long as the backups stay firmly on the bench. Grade: A

2. Renegades: Coach Val picked a decent team with no outside consultation (or so she claims). But neither of her starting RBs played a single down this preseason because of injuries. That could actually be good or bad. Grade B+

3. Spiked Vipers: Bringing the experience of a recent live draft for another league, the Vipers ended up with a solid team. There are some question marks in the backfield, but those could easily turn into exclamation points - especially with Peyton Manning running the offense. Grade: A-

4. ray ray haw: The haw excelled once again at the live draft format. Three-quarters of his RBs are sharing the backfield for their NFL team, though, so he'll need some luck when choosing who to start each week. Grade: A

5. Marauders: This team is looking very un-Hosslike to start the season. But you never know. Once LJ gets back into playing shape things could get much better. Grade: B+

6. Baltimorons: The defending champion has put together another strong team, bringing back the QB and top WR from last year's championship squad. It did, however, take every alotted second of time on the draft clock for every pick. Grade: A

7. Dumbbums: Coach Coaldog has selected an interesting mix of players this season. TO and Plaxico will put up some great numbers, but they are bound to cause a headache or two at some point. Grade: A-

8. Lightning: Some may have been a little confused by the Lightning's strategy as their picks were coming off the board. But it looks like they fit together well as a team. The spreadsheet calculations just might have worked! Grade: A-

9. The Comfy Chair: Coach Skrabby has assembled a contender - there's no doubt about it. But Brian St. Pierre's feelings were hurt in the process. Was it worth it? Grade: A

10. Yuengling Brewers: With COPS not running on TV during the draft, it seemed that the Brew Crew was less distracted this year. They actually put together a formitable team - all thanks to the programming folks at FOX. Grade: A-

11. Predacons: Coach Sinkerbeam didn't pick a QB until the 8th round of the draft, and it shows. But one of those four RBs has to step up, right? Grade: A-

12. Rough Riders: For picking Ben Roethlisberger in the first round, the Riders team is actually better than you think. Well, maybe. At least there's a reason to watch the Steelers. Grade: B

It should be noted that everyone seems happy with the team they have chosen. Only one player was picked up when waivers were cleared yesterday morning.

The Comm-nosticator makes his first predictions early next week. Stay tuned.

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  1. Using a spreadsheet, I extracted some statistics from the 3FL draft that are somewhat interesting, but mostly meaningless.

    Most Players at Each Position:
    QB – 3 – Predacons
    WR – 5 – four teams
    RB – 4 – seven teams
    TE – 2 – six teams
    K – 2 – Yuengling Brewers
    DEF – 2 – five teams

    Most Devistating Bye Week:
    Weeks 6 and 8 have 6 NFL teams on the bye instead of 4.
    Week 6 – 35 players – 3FL Total
    Week 6 – 6 players – Baltimorons (Opponent: ray ray haw)

    Most and Least Drafted NFL Team / Division / Conference:
    3FL Total:
    Bal, Chi, Dal, Den, Det, Ind, NE, NO, Phi, SD, StL – 7
    Buf, Cle, KC, Min, TB – 3
    NFC North & West – 23
    AFC South & East – 19
    NFC – 88
    AFC – 80

    3FL Teams:
    NFC South – 5 – ray ray haw
    NFC West – 5 – Renegades
    NFC – 11 – Dumbbums
    AFC – 9 – The Comfy Chair

    25 Same NFL/3FL Team Pairs:
    3 Pairs – five 3FL teams
    0 Pairs – Lightning
    3 Pairs – Chi (Misfits Inc, Spiked Vipers, ray ray haw)
    WR – 17/25 pairs included this position
    WR/RB – 6/25 pairs this combination

    Last Picked Team:
    Oakland – Pick 97 (Round 9), LaMont Jordan - Misfits

    First and Last to Fill Starting Positions / Roster:
    QB – 8 teams filled this position first
    RB – all 3FL teams filled this position by Round 6
    K – 6 3FL teams filled this position last
    K, DEF – these positions not filled by all 3FL teams until Round 13
    Round 9 – 6 3FL teams filled their starting roster by this round
    Round 13 – Marauders, Predacons did not have a full starting roster until this round