Friday, September 01, 2006

3FL Notes: 2006 Draft Analysis

What a night! Ten of the league's twelve teams were on hand for our first attempt at a live draft, and it seemed like everyone had a good time. The message board was lit up through all 13 rounds and we even remembered to pick a player every now and then. I think a live draft will likely become an annual 3FL event.

With less than one week to go until the start of the NFL season, here is the first installment of the 3FL Notes - the draft analysis (in draft order).

1. Dumbbums: Coach Coaldog had the benefit of having the first pick in our first keeper draft, allowing him to select the NFL's top WR and hold on to one of the league's top RBs. A few Steelers might make or break this well-rounded team. Grade: A-

2. Renegades: Thanks to a few timely picks, Coach Val's team had a quality draft. She just has to hope that no one in the starting lineup gets hurt. Grade: B+

3. Baltimorons: How Hines Ward and Willie Parker made it on to a team from Baltimore, I'll never know. Coach Drew also picked up a triumvirate of QBs, just in case one of them gets too old during the season. Grade: A-

4. Spiked Vipers: The team from the Pacific scored some great WRs. Questions remain, however, about their backfield. And having three Dallas Cowboys on the starting roster. Grade: B

5. Rough Riders: It appears that Coach Bev did a bit of research before the draft. After finishing as the top team in the regular season last year, the Riders look really tough again. Don't say I didn't warn you. Grade: A

6. Lightning: A seven page color-coded spreadsheet of names and numbers (and more numbers) served as the backbone of Coach Thadtotti's draft strategy. The results compute to a pretty decent squad with some RBs by committee. And a surgically repaired QB's knee. Grade: B+

7. Yuengling Brewers: Coach Brew was watching (and updating the league about) an episode of COPS that was on during the draft. Maybe that's why he ended up with T.O. and the Ravens Defense on his team. Grade: A

8. Predacons: Peyton Manning will once again lead Coach Sinkerbeam's squad. But bad news is already trickling in about a few of the other starters. Maybe picking five RBs was a good idea. Grade: A-

9. Misfits: Other than choosing a solid overall team, the Misfits are most proud of including Wali Lundy on the roster this year. It might actually be better if he never needs to see any 3FL playing time. Grade: A

10. ray ray haw: After missing the playoffs for the first time last year and enduring the worst season his team had ever experienced, Coach Haw appears to be back. Rooting for the Steelers Defense on two different levels, however, will be gut wrenching. Grade: A-

11. The Comfy Chair: Our league's defending champion ended up with another quality squad. If Deion Branch would sign a contract with an NFL team it would be even more helpful. Plus, it's good to see Brian St. Pierre at least getting some reps again in the 3FL. Grade: B+

12. Marauders: Coach Hoss has a list of high-flying WRs that have the ability to take over a game. So much so that he may not even need to care about Clinton Portis' shoulder. Grade: A-

Stay tuned for the first predictions from the Comm-nosticator for 2006...

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  1. Announcements:
    The Comfy Chair organization regrets that Brian St. Pierre has requested, and we have granted, his release to pursue other opportunities in the league. After seeing the team that was put together, Mr. Pierre expressed an opinion that there were other teams that could better utilize his assets.


    Q: After a successful 2005 season, can you repeat?

    A: Yes, I think we can. Yes, I think we can.

    Q: How do you think you did in the draft?

    A: We were very pleased with the way the draft went. The Cops banter was great. It was cool to watch the show in the corner of the computer screen when the draft went forward. At times it was a distraction we think that may account for our Deion Branch pick. We were a little disappointed that Coach Haw did not have enough apple pie for everyone, but we’ll take that issue up in week 4. And we did stay up late, waiting for the Wings, but no one knocked on the door. Again, we remember things like that. After we figure out whether it was Coach Bev or Coach Val, and after that, which one is which, we’ll probably take that one up on the field as well.

    Q: What will be the most difficult task in the upcoming season?

    A: First, we have to get all of our players signed and on a team. We invested a very high pick on Deion Branch. We would have liked to have had him playing for an NFL team, but that little detail escaped us. The second issue will be that my seven year old Zack has taken a great interest in the Skrabby fantasy sports teams. With the password locked into the computer, we are hoping he doesn’t figure out the yahoo site and drop all of our players because he was forced to eat a vegetable.

    Q: Are you comfortable with your QB?

    A: We do like the little Giant Manning. He will be our ladder… I mean leader. The organization has long held the belief that a team is best led by a player who shares his first name with the inventor of a major piece of farm machinery.

    If there are other questions, let me sum up with our gratitude for being a part of the 3FL... especially to Brian for organizing the league. We sincerely wish all the teams well in the coming season.

    Coach Skrabby