Thursday, November 02, 2006

3FL Notes: S6: Week 9 Preview

There only two ways to gain eligibility into the 3FL. One is being born into the family. The other was figured out recently by the External Consulant to the Misfits. Tim and Julie were engaged to be married (and share ownership of a 3FL team) this past weekend. Congratulations from all of us in the league office!

Plans are already in motion to have the wedding before we start 3FL 2K7. Coincidence? With the way things are playing out for the Misfits this season, I'm not sure...

Week 8 Recap

Top Scoring 3FL Team: The Comfy Chair - 87 points

Player MVPs:
Larry Johnson (RB/KC) - 32 points
LaDanian Tomlinson (RB/SD) - 29 points
Peyton Manning (QB/Ind) - 26 points
Reggie Wayne (WR/Ind) - 26 points

Predictions Tally

The Comm-nosticator: 31/48 - 64.58%
League Voting: 28/48 - 58.33%
Yahoo! Projections: 27/48 - 56.25%

Week 9 Information

Sunday Night: Indianapolis Colts @ New England Patriots
Monday Night: Oakland Raiders @ Seattle Seahawks
Bye Week: Arizona, Carolina, NY Jets, Philadelphia

The Comm-nosticator's predictions for week 9:

Lightning (-1/2) vs. ray ray haw
Coach Thadtotti's slick waiver wire pickup may be the difference in what will be a very close game. Plus, the Lightning have more favorable matchups. But can the haw handle watching their hopes for a win on Monday Night disappear again? At least it will be on the big tv.

Marauders (-1/2) vs. Spiked Vipers
What's wrong with the Marauders? The usually strong team is having a sub-par year, and I just received word that they have fired their Offensive Coordinator. Coach Hoss will now be calling all of the plays. I'm not sure that will be enough against the surprising Vipers this week, but it can't hurt.

The Comfy Chair (-1) vs. Rough Riders
Amazingly enough, Coach Skrabby could officially qualify for the playoffs with a win this week. And more amazingly, he may actually qualify with a loss. Regardless of the outcome, the Riders have been courageous and strong this week. And I'm not even talking about Fantasy Football.

Predacons (-1/2) vs. Yuengling Brewers
This matchup will come down to the QB battle on Sunday Night, where Peyton Manning just might break his bad luck against the Pats. If the Ravens defense continues their ridiculous pace, however, this one could go either way.

Dumbbums (-1) vs. Renegades
The 'Bums have stepped up their game and have been scoring an average of 92 points per game for the last three weeks. Even with Roethlisberger at the helm. On the flip side, the Renegades have averaged 51 points per game over the same period. Ouch.

And the game of the week...

Baltimorons (-1/2) vs. Misfits
With all of the excitement surrounding the Misfits organization this week, it may be easy to forget that the E-A-G-L-E-S are on a bye. And the Misfits are on the edge of the playoff picture. The 'Morons are only interested in continuing their winning streak and talking a little smack. It's going to be a close one.

Good luck this week.


  1. To discontinue the Misfits organization's losing ways and demonstrate to the team the importance of unity. CEO Julie and myself felt as though an engagement was the ultimate way to send the message to our team, that a team ununited will fall.
    We are hoping this move serves as an inspiration to the entire organization in hopes of keeping our playoff hopes alive.

    GO 'FITZ!!!!

  2. The external consultant can also pick out the 3FL Championship ring. He has really good taste!

    Coach Jul