Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Welcome to Season 8!

All 12 3FL teams have signed up and we're only one week away from the draft. It's time to start thinking about football.

The 3FL blog is active again, too. It's been updated to a new format, and even though it looks almost exactly the same there is actually some added functionality for this season.

As a reminder, here is the order for our upcoming draft:

3FL 2008 Draft Order

1. ray ray haw
2. Marauders
3. Rough Riders
4. The Comfy Chair
5. Yuengling Brewers
6. Dumbbums
7. Lightning
8. Renegades
9. Misfits, Inc.
10. Baltimorons
11. Spiked Vipers
12. Predacons

We will hold the live online draft at 8:30pm on Tuesday, August 26, 2008.

Ray ray haw are on the clock!


  1. Live Draft Notes
    A bit more info about the new Live Draft App: I recently did a live draft for another league.

    While the look of the page is quite different, the draft itself will run pretty much the same way as previous years.

    - The draft order and time limits are the same.

    - The pre-ranked player list and queue list work pretty much the same way. Bye weeks are clearly displayed.

    - When you click on a player in either list, more detailed info will show up above the lists. This is also the player selected when you click “draft.”

    - Your roster is displayed and fills in the positions as you make picks.

    - Figuring out whose turn is next is a bit easier. No more fixed team names at the top with boxes and arrows. Now, the team names move to the left after each turn.

    - Warning sounds let you know when it is your turn and when you have 10 seconds left.

    - After the final pick is made, we are not immediately kicked out; instead we are taken to a draft summary page and a 15 minute countdown is started so we can keep chatting.

    Other Notes:
    You may want to make sure you show up for the live draft. One of the guys in my other league couldn’t make it and Yahoo! auto-picked 5 back-up QBs in the last rounds.

    Good Luck!

  2. FYI

    You need to be running Internet Explorer 7.0 (the one with tabs) or you will not be able to load the draft page. It will get to the last step and stall. Mozilla Firefox also works