Monday, September 01, 2008

3FL Notes: 2008 Draft Analysis

The new Yahoo! software worked well and I think everyone had a good time during our online draft. Here is an analysis of the results (in draft order):

1. ray ray haw: LaDanian Tomlinson was the obvious first pick, and rrh only took about 7 seconds to make it. The rest of the team fills in nicely, with a top tier choice at each position.
Grade: A

2. Marauders: Coach Hoss wasn't able to be in attendance for the draft, and his team ended up a little less Hoss-like because of it. But the starters are still a force to be reckoned with. Grade: A-

3. Rough Riders: The Riders are led by Tom Brady, so who cares about the rest of the lineup? Especially the three TEs that ended up on the squad... Grade: B

4. The Comfy Chair: The Jets took a chance on Brett Favre, and so did the Chair - in the third round. The rest of the team looks OK for now. Grade: B

5. Yuengling Brewers: Once again, Yahoo! did a decent job of picking for the Beermen. Now it's just a matter of keeping up with the NFL news. Like a player getting cut by his team... Grade: B+

6. Dumbbums: Coach Coaldog had to work on draft night, but his team still ended up quite good without his online presence. Maybe he should put himself on the schedule for next year, too.
Grade: A-

7. Lightning: The LFO looks like a quality team this year. As long as the RBs stay healthy and Derek Anderson avoids helmet-to-helmet contact. Go spreadsheets! Grade: A

8. Renegades: The defending Super Bowl champions look good but not great after this year's draft. Of course that's what we said all last season, and look who is in possession of the trophy right now. Grade: B

9. Misfits, Inc.: Appropriately, FitsCorp ended up with a couple of Eagles and a Steeler. And even their backups look decent.
Grade: A

10. Baltimorons: Coach Drew's team boasts a deep WR corps and four starting RBs (for now). What more could you ask for?
Grade: A-

11. Spiked Vipers: The Vipers ended up with a questionable bunch of characters. The only thing for sure is that Brandon Marshall is suspended for the first game of the season. Grade: B

12. Predacons: Ugh. Last pick wasn't particularly kind to the Predacons. But depending on how things go, it could be a surprisingly good season for Coach Sinkerbeam. Or not.
Grade: B+

The Comm-nosticator makes his first predictions early next week. Stay tuned.

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