Thursday, December 18, 2008

3FL Notes: S8: Week 16 (SuperBowl) Preview

Our SuperBowl matchup is set - it's Marauders vs. Dumbbums to claim the trophy and get to play for free next season. Both have been here before. Coach Hoss won the championship in 2003, while Coach Coaldog lost by just two points in 2006.

Who will be receiving an early Christmas present? We'll find out soon enough.

Week 15 Recap

Top Scoring 3FL Team: Lightning - 82 points

Player MVPs:

Matt Cassel (QB/NE) - 26 points
Dominic Rhodes (RB/Ind) - 17 points
Andre Johnson (WR/Hou) - 16 points

Playoff Predictions Tally

League Voting: 4/8 - 50%
Yahoo! Projections: 6/8 - 75%

Misfits, Inc. was 4/4 in week 15 voting.

Go vote! Your final chance to vote on this year's games ends at 8:10pm on Thursday.

Week 16 Information

Thursday Night: Indianapolis Colts @ Jacksonville Jaguars
Saturday Night: Baltimore Ravens @ Dallas Cowboys
Sunday Night: Carolina Panthers @ New York Giants
Monday Night: Green Bay Packers @ Chicago Bears

Here we go...SuperBowl week in the 3FL!

For 7th Place:
#3 Spiked Vipers vs. #4 Misfits, Inc.
These two had pretty high hopes for the postseason, but now they are fighting to not end up in last place. That's why they play the games, I guess. Can Kurt Warner win one more game for Coach GooMoo? Or will McNabb lead FitzCorp (and the Eagles) to the promised land? Well, to 7th place anyway...

For 5th Place:
#1 Predacons vs. #7 Lightning
The Preds won both meetings between these two during the regular season, but things could be different this time around. The electrical discharges have some favorable matchups this week. Plus, Coach Sinkerbeam's top RB is playing against his own defense. Thursday night will set the tone in this battle to be the champion of the consolation bracket.

For 3rd Place:
#2 Baltimorons vs. #5 Yuengling Brewers
After starting what appeared to be a strong run to a third title game, the Baltimorons faltered last week, scoring their lowest point total of the season. And it didn't help that both teams in this matchup started RBs that were not playing in their week 15 games. Coaching oversights aside, one of these two will end up with a new digital trophy in their profile. But it will be colored bronze.

3FL SuperBowl VIII
#6 Marauders vs. #8 Dumbbums
Well, here it is! An unlikely matchup if you just look at the seeds, but these are actually two of the hottest teams in the league over the past month, with Coach Hoss winning three straight games and Coach Coaldog winning his past four. They match up well on on paper, too, with high-flying names like Peterson, Westbrook, Fitzgerald and Steve Smith. Any one of them could break out and earn his team the trophy.

The 'Bums were able to sit a player during the last two MNF games to ensure a victory, but that won't happen again in SuperBowl VIII. Both teams have players starting in the last possible game of our season. The 3FL title awaits!

Good luck this week.

Thanks to all for another fun season!

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