Wednesday, November 25, 2009

3FL Notes: S9: Week 12 Preview

Half of our eight playoff spots have been claimed. But with only two weeks remaining in the regular season, no 3FL team is mathematically eliminated. Looks like we're in for a wild finish!

Week 11 Recap

Top Scoring 3FL Team: Spiked Vipers - 86 points

Player MVPs:
Ricky Williams (RB/Mia) - 23 points
Drew Brees (QB/NO) - 21 points
Ben Roethlisberger (QB/Pit) - 21 points

Predictions Tally

The Comm-nosticator: 42/66 - 63.64%
League Voting: 36/66 - 54.55%
Yahoo! Projections: 36/66 - 54.55%

Remember, the voting deadline is THURSDAY @ 12:30pm this week. Go vote before you eat!

Week 12 Information

Thursday Early: Green Bay Packers @ Detroit Lions
Thursday Late: Oakland Raiders @ Dallas Cowboys
Thursday Night: New York Giants @ Denver Broncos
Sunday Night: Pittsburgh Steelers @ Baltimore Ravens
Monday Night: New England Patriots @ New Orleans Saints

The Comm-nosticator’s predictions for week 12:

Predacons (-1/2) vs. The Comfy Chair
The Chair needs to win both remaining games and get a bunch of help from the rest of the league, so it's not the easiest road to the postseason. But we all know that anything can happen in the 3FL. The Preds have already clinched the 3FL West (thanks to the Chair's victory last week) and may be sleepwalking in this one.

Renegades (-1) vs. Yuengling Brewers
These two teams are going in opposite directions. The Brewers haven't been scoring much since earning a record weekly total and they have lost three straight games. And the Renegades are making a playoff push despite starting the season 0-4. Kurt Warner holds the key to victory (as long as his head holds up).

Baltimorons (-1/2) vs. Dumbbums
What a great division and family rivalry this has turned out to be. The trash talk has started already (although it sounds like a bunch of Dungeons and Dragons stuff) and these two will be ready to go for this week. The epic battle will extend through all the weekend's games and just might be the second 'Bums tie of the year.

Lightning (-1) vs. Marauders
Jay Cutler has been benched after last week's stunning last second loss. He pulled defeat from the jaws of victory and will now watch Alex Smith start for the Lightning. The Marauders broke out of a slump last week, but Big Ben won't be as prolific against the rival Ravens.

Stiletto Stompers (-1/2) vs. ray ray haw
The Stompers have clinched a playoff berth and are coasting into the end of the regular season. They should be a little worried for Peyton Manning, though. If the Colts keep winning, he may not have to play at all during our playoffs. The haw chose starters for a good TV matchup last week. I doubt that will happen again.

And the game of the week...

Misfits, Inc. (-1/2) vs. Spiked Vipers
This great matchup starts with a couple of players on Thanksgiving and ends with a flourish on Monday night. I can't agree with Yahoo! that the Saints will light up the scoreboard against the Patriots, but it may be enough to eek out a much needed Vipers victory. But FitzCorp sure does have a way of coming through in prime time...

Happy Thanksgiving and good luck this week!

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  1. This week's playoff scenarios:
    - Misfits, Dumbbums and Predacons have clinched their divisions.
    - Stiletto Stompers have clinched a playoff spot and can clinch the North by not doing worse than the Lightning
    - Lightning can clinch a playoff spot by doing better than any of the 5-win teams.
    - Renegades and Marauders need a win or at least two of the 5-win teams to lose.
    - The Comfy Chair can hang on if they win and at least two of the 5-win teams lose.

    Other notes:
    - Renegades vs Brewers is a double edged sword for the Marauders.
    - Three of the four 5-win teams are facing division leaders this week, which is good for the four teams counting on some of them to lose.
    - In fact, all non-division leaders will face division leaders either this week or next.

    Good Luck!