Friday, December 31, 2010

The 3FL: Our First Decade

Can you believe we began our inaugural season all the way back in the fall of 2001? We've come a long way since those tumultuous times. Let's have a look...

In our first decade we played 918 games over 163 football weeks. We have had 13 different coaches managing 28 differently named teams (not counting spelling changes), and 7 of those coaches have their names etched on the championship trophy.

Our teams have scored 110,322 total points, with 95,327 of those coming during the regular season.

On average the league scored 716.74 points per week during the regular season, for an average of 119.46 points per game (59.73 points per team per week). In the postseason those numbers rise to 124.96 points per game (62.48 points per team per playoff week).

We started out with an autopick draft for the first five seasons and then changed to our current live online format in 2006. A draft pick record study shows us the best and worst places in the draft order over our first decade.

Draft Pick - Win Percentage
6   -   .579
10   -   .553
2   -   .526
3   -   .515
5   -   .508
9   -   .504
7   -   .492
8   -   .485
12   -   .477
1   -   .462
11   -   .450
4   -   .432

Three draft pick numbers have never won the SuperBowl - #1, #8 and #11. In fact, picks #8 & #11 have never even played for the championship. As far as managers go, everyone but Coach Thadtotti has played in the big game.

For all of our superlatives please visit the updated 3FL Records page. A new category this year is most/least points by one team during a playoff run.

If you are interested in any other stats please let me know.

Here's to a great second decade!

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