Monday, January 02, 2012

2012 Draft Order and Divisions

Using the updated double-secret reverse reveal draft pick method and my left over Christmas card envelopes, the draft order for the 2012 season of the 3FL has been chosen. Ten of the twelve teams in the league were present during the selection process.

2012 3FL Draft Order

1. Renegades
2. the Haw
3. Lightning
4. Yuengling Brewers
5. The Comfy Chair
6. Spiked Vipers
7. Misfits, Inc.
8. Stiletto Stompers
9. Predacons
10. Baltimorons
11. Dumbbums
12. Marauders

One bit of news you may have noticed - ray ray haw has officially changed their name, effective immediately, to the haw (with the same amount of capital letters and same logo).

After some discussion we also decided to change a couple of rules. First, division winners will still be guaranteed a spot in the playoffs but the seedings will be based on the overall standings. This should help with waiver claims throughout the season and make the system more fair for the leaders of weaker divisions.

We also decided to shake up the division assignments for next season. Instead of placing teams by draft order, we're going to assign divisions based on the historical performance of their 2012 draft pick number's winning percentage. In our first 11 years those stats are as follows:
Draft Pick - Win Percentage
6  -  .562
10  -  .538
3  -  .517
12  -  .510
2  -  .507
9  -  .503
7  -  .500
5  -  .490
8  -  .483
1  -  .469
4  -  .455
11  -  .451

Giving us the following four divisions:

Marauders, The Comfy Chair, Dumbbums

Spiked Vipers, the haw, Stiletto Stompers

Lightning, Misfits, Inc., Yuengling Brewers

Baltimorons, Predacons, Renegades

We will tentatively hold the live online draft at 9:00pm on Thursday, August 30, 2012.

Have a great off-season!

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