Thursday, December 06, 2012

3FL Notes: S12: Week 14 (Quarterfinals) Preview

Once again it came down to an exciting last week of the regular season to decide which teams earned a spot in the postseason. Here come the playoffs!

Remember that ROSTERS WILL LOCK AT 1pm THIS SUNDAY, December 9th. You will not be able to add/drop after this time. Make sure your team is ready for the playoffs before then.

Three wins in a row wins it all!!

Week 13 Recap

Top Scoring 3FL Team: Misfits, Inc. - 105 points

Player MVPs:
Cam Newton (QB/Car) - 25 points
Tony Romo (QB/Dal) - 22 points
Houston Texans Defense - 20 points

Regular Season Final Predictions Tally

The Comm-nosticator: 42/78 - 53.85%
League Voting: 39/78 - 50%
Yahoo! Projections: 44/78 - 56.41%

Voting is up and running for the playoffs! Go vote!!

Week 14 Information

Thursday Night: Denver Broncos @ Oakland Raiders
Sunday Night: Detroit Lions @ Green Bay Packers
Monday Night: Houston Texans @ New England Patriots

The Comm-nosticator is finished for the year, but game previews are not...

#1 Spiked Vipers vs. #8 Misfits, Inc.
Is SpiVi ready for the playoffs or is the curse going to strike? After a great first 12 weeks of the regular season the Vipers were terrible last week. That's not the way anyone wants to roll into the postseason (even the league's top scoring team). Meanwhile, everything went right for FitzCorp as they clawed their way into the last playoff spot. Would anyone be surprised if the #8 seed beat the #1 seed? You shouldn't be. Starting tonight and through MNF, this game is going to be really close. And keep in mind that if they played each other last week the Corporation would have won by almost 60 points.

#2 Marauders vs. #7 Lightning
The Marauders have had their postseason ticket punched for quite some time. They won their division and are the only team to qualify for the playoffs from the 3FL East. And they're going to come into week 14 as an underdog to the Bolts, who come in with an under .500 record and a two game losing streak. It looks like it will come down to which of these teams' Jekyll and Hyde QB shows up this week - both Cam Newton and Matty Ice have been great and awful. The Marauders are poised for a Sunday/Monday night comeback, but will the game be out of hand before then?

#3 Yuengling Brewers vs. #6 Baltimorons
These teams have identical records but the Brewers have scored 240 more points than the 'Morons this season. You read that correctly - 240! But none of that matters now. You would think that this one won't be close, but Coach Drew's squad soundly beat Coach Brew's squad in week 11. Can that happen again? Of course. The 'Morons need to make the right choices at WR and Baltimore's D needs to contain RGIII. And then all bets are off.

#4 THE Haw vs. #5 Predacons
A classic in the making, this one pits the three-time champion Haw against the Preds, who have qualified for the playoffs in all but one of our 12 seasons. Even with a suspect QB situation, the Predacons won the 3FL South and ended up as the fifth seed, while THE Haw managed to be in the top four despite a name and capital letters count change. It might not be a classic in the traditional way (a close matchup) but it's possible to see a QB score negative points or a bench outscore the starting roster. Coach Haw should move on to the next round, but you never know. They currently have ALL of the 3FL pick'em votes. That's not usually a good sign.

Good luck in the playoffs! The trophy awaits!

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