Wednesday, September 02, 2015

All In for 2015 Plus Ballot Results

Everyone is signed up and the divisions, draft order and schedule matrix are set for the fifteenth year of the 3FL.

If you haven't started your research yet you should probably start soon. The draft is tomorrow night, September 3rd @ 9pm EDT.

The ballot results are in and even though we discussed a few rules changes for this season none were confirmed with our managers' votes. We did decide to open up rosters during the playoffs, though, and each team still in the championship bracket will be allowed one move per week.

Don't forget to sign up for a Twitter account and follow @The3FL to join the conversation. And make sure you download the updated Yahoo! fantasy football app when you get a chance - you can make roster moves, keep track of gameday scoring and even participate in the live draft right from your phone.

The Spiked Vipers are on the clock!

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