Thursday, September 07, 2017

3FL Notes: S17: Week 1 Preview

Can Misfits, Inc. defend their SuperBowl title? Will the Predacons make it back to the playoffs? Will anyone get a new twitter account or vote on any of our games? Only the 3FL season will have these answers...

It all starts tonight. Get your team ready to go!

Voting is up and running for the season, but there is now an option to turn it off if nobody else votes after the first few weeks.

Week 1 Information

Thursday Night: Kansas City Chiefs @ New England Patriots
Sunday Night: New York Giants @ Dallas Cowboys
Monday Night Early: New Orleans Saints @ Minnesota Vikings
Monday Night Late: Los Angeles Chargers @ Denver Broncos
Bye Week (thanks to Irma): Miami Dolphins, Tampa Bay Bucs

And now the Comm-nosticator’s predictions for week 1:
The first week is always the toughest to predict, but here goes...

Baltimorons (-1) vs. Predacons
This would be a great matchup if Hurricane Irma didn't put three of the Preds starters on a week 1 bye. But Gronk vs. Kelce on Thursday night should be entertaining.

Misfits, Inc. (-1/2) vs. Yuengling Brewers
Drafting while traveling and drafting while sleeping meet in this one. And the edge goes to the team with a stronger RB tandem (and more sky miles).

Dumbbums (-1) vs. Marauders
Lots of Steelers highlight this game, with two black and gold players on each team. And Bell and Big Ben should be the difference makers for their respective teams.

Lightning (-1/2) vs. Renegades
Brady and Brown are going to be the story all year for the Bolts, but Coach Val is going to make it close this week. And with players in each time slot we'll have to watch all week to see just how close it ends up.

Spiked Vipers (-1/2) vs. Stiletto Stompers
Our first week seems to be filled with good matchups. This one will be another close game, but the slight edge to SpiVi just because both of Coach Bev's RBs are rookies.

And the game of the week...

the HAW (-1/2) vs Phys. Ed Phenoms
Both of these teams scored an A on their Yahoo! draft report card. It should be a good one, but I still can't believe that the CAPS have both David Johnson and Aaron Rodgers.

Good luck in Week 1 and for the rest of Season 17!

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