Thursday, November 16, 2017

3FL Notes: S17: Week 11 Preview

FitzCorp started two bye week players and a WR who was ruled out of his game because of injury. They lost by almost 30 points. And in doing so, they somehow grabbed our second playoff spot. Whatever works.

We're back to divisional games and six more postseason berths are still up for grabs with only three weeks remaining. Here we go!

Week 10 Recap

Top Scoring 3FL Team: Spiked Vipers - 115 points

Player MVPs:
Cam Newton (QB/Car/PEP) - 38 points
Mark Ingram (RB/NO/SV) - 31 points
Robert Woods (WR/LAR/tH) - 29 points

Predictions Tally

The Comm-nosticator: 39/60 - 65%
Yahoo! Projections: 31/60 - 51.67%

Week 11 Information

Thursday Night: Tennessee Titans @ Pittsburgh Steelers
Sunday Night: Philadelphia Eagles @ Dallas Cowboys
Monday Night: Atlanta Falcons @ Seattle Seahawks
Bye Week: Carolina, Indianapolis, NY Jets, San Francisco

And now the Comm-nosticator’s predictions for week 11:

Baltimorons (-1/2) vs. Predacons
Both of these South Division foes come into this game having lost their last three in a row. The only guarantee is that one of them will finally get a win and a boost toward the playoffs. Also the Preds are guaranteed to start all the wrong WRs.

Lightning (-1/2) vs. Stiletto Stompers
It's looking like the Bolts might not check their lineup again until the end of the regular season, but as of right now they're still in the top spot of the standings. The Stompers are the new leaders of the South and look strong this week despite their bye week problems. But will they put active players in the starting lineup?

Renegades (-1/2) vs. Spiked Vipers
Two of the past three weeks have ended with SpiVi going over the century mark and outscoring the rest of the league. It might be too little too late, but there are still 3 weeks to go and anything is possible. It all starts with a win here against a evenly matched opponent. Games from tonight all the way through Monday night will make it exciting.

the HAW (-1/2) vs. Phys. Ed. Phenoms
PEP completed an amazing MNF comeback last week as Cam Newton scored 38 points to give them a 1 pt. victory. He's on a bye this week, though. And the CAPS are desperate, clinging to the 8th spot as of right now. Advantage to the team that is starting Eli Manning I guess.

Yuengling Brewers (-1/2) vs. Misfits, Inc.
Things just got a lot more interesting for FitzCorp as Zeke declared he will drop the appeal and serve his whole suspension. That means he's not available until SuperBowl week in the 3FL. The Brew Crew has lost seven straight and would move up (down) the all-time list with another loss here. Which is not assured since the Corporation seems ok with starting bye week players.

And the game of the week...

Marauders (-1/2) vs. Dumbbums
Tonight's game at Heinz Field has huge implications on this matchup (even if Big Ben doesn't get the start for the Marauders). Then we have to wait until Prime Time for the conclusion, but it will be a good one. As long as the 'Bums pick up a kicker...

Good luck this week.

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