Thursday, December 21, 2017

3FL Notes: S17: Week 16 (SuperBowl) Preview

A bunch of playoff records were broken during our incredible semifinal round. And our lowest two seeds will play for the championship in a topsy turvy postseason.Will the 'Morons make it 4x? Or will PEP claim their first title in just their third season in the league??

Remember that there are two Saturday and two Monday games this week. Merry Christmas of football!

Week 15 Recap

Top Scoring 3FL Team: Baltimorons - 128 points (most, playoffs all-time)

Player MVPs:
Todd Gurley II (RB/LAR/P) - 41 points (most, playoffs all-time)
Cam Newton (QB/Car/PEP) - 33 points
Kareem Hunt (RB/KC/SS) - 32 points

Playoff Predictions Tally

Yahoo! Projections: 4/8 - 50%

Yahoo! was 4/4 in week 15 after being 0/0 in week 14

Week 16 Information
Saturday Late: Indianapolis Colts @ Baltimore Ravens
Saturday Night: Minnesota Vikings @ Green Bay Packers
Monday Late: Pittsburgh Steelers @ Houston Texans
Monday Night: Oakland Raiders @ Philadelphia Eagles

Here we's SuperBowl week in the 3FL!

For 7th Place:
#1 Lightning vs. #2 Stiletto Stompers
We all know about the curse of the #1 seed, but it seemed to be extra cruel this year. The Bolts fell to the eighth seed in the first round of the playoffs and then they scored their lowest total since 2015 (back when we used the old rules) in last's week's game. Ouch. Now they have three players who are officially OUT against the potent but unlucky Stompers this week. It's looking like going from first to worst is the most likely scenario.

For 5th Place:
#5 the HAW vs. #6 Predacons
It's appropriate that the fifth and sixth seeded teams will play for fifth place in this one. Both had good showings one week too late in the playoffs, with the Preds actually scoring the second highest point total ever in a playoff game during the semifinals. They're projected to score almost 100 in this consolation bracket finale and should win big against the CAPS' bench worth of deactivated players. But heavy favorite hasn't been a great spot for Coach Sinkerbeam to be in this season.

For 3rd Place:
#3 Misfits, Inc. vs. #4 Dumbbums
We've not had a repeat champion since our first two seasons and that trend continues after a semifinal round without any drama. There will be excitement in this one, though, as these two teams match up evenly in the battle for third place. One bright spot for the Corporation last week was the continuation of big points from their Eagles' QB, and that could be the difference here. We'll all have to wait until MNF to see which team ends up with the digital bronze metal (trophy).

3FL SuperBowl XVII
#7 Baltimorons vs. #8 Phys. Ed. Phenoms
Did anyone think the bottom two seeds would end up facing off for our coveted trophy? It's only PEP's third year in the 3FL but they've qualified for the playoffs in each of those seasons and have now advanced to their first championship game (with a little thanks to the curse). Their average margin of victory in this postseason is almost 35 points. Meanwhile the 'Morons put up the most playoff points in the history of our league to reach their third SuperBowl in the last four years (and fifth appearance overall). Coach Drew has won three championships already.

Can the 'Morons tie the HAW and earn their fourth SuperBowl victory? Or will the Phenoms ride their stars to the etching of a new name on the trophy? There are games all weekend but it's all going to come down to Christmas day. Someone is about to open an amazing present.

Merry Christmas and good luck this week!

Thanks to all for another fun season!!

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