Thursday, December 15, 2022

3FL Notes: S22: Week 15 (Quarterfinals) Preview

Our regular season finale saw a lot of drama just to keep the same teams in the same three open playoff spots. The Renegades gave it their best shot (and earned the biggest blowout of the week for the fifth time this season) but they came up just short of the postseason. Now it's time to start the journey to the SuperBowl!

There are six games outside the Sunday afternoon time slots this week, including three on Saturday. Make sure to have your players in position before their games start!

Remember that ROSTERS WILL LOCK AT 1pm THIS SUNDAY, December 18th. Under our playoff rules you will be allowed to make 1 add/drop per week once the postseason starts, but only teams still in the winners bracket will be eligible to make a move (with waivers set in reverse order of seeding).

Three wins in a row wins it all!!

Week 14 Recap

Top Scoring 3FL Team: Renegades - 134 points

Player MVPs:
Jalen Hurts (QB/Phi/MI) - 29 points
Evan Engram (TE/Jax/R) - 28 points
Miles Sanders (RB/Phi/M) - 27 points

Regular Season Final Predictions Tally

The Comm-nosticator: 54/84 - 64.29%
Yahoo! Projections: 52/84 - 61.90%

Week 15 Information

Thursday Night: San Francisco 49ers @ Seattle Seahawks
Saturday Early: Indianapolis Colts @ Minnesota Vikings
Saturday Late: Baltimore Ravens @ Cleveland Browns
Saturday Night: Miami Dolphins @ Buffalo Bills
Sunday Night: New York Giants @ Washington Commanders
Monday Night: Los Angeles Rams @ Green Bay Packers

The Comm-nosticator is finished for the year, but game previews are not...

#1 Yuengling Brewers vs. #8 Spiked Vipers
The Brew Crew finished the regular season as the top seed and highest scoring team, and they ended up with the fourth highest season team points total of all time. Not only that, but they have Patrick Mahomes, Christian McCaffrey and Tyreek Hill. SpiVi qualified for the playoffs with a clutch win last week but this game will be more difficult. But we all know you can never rule out the curse.

#2 Lightning vs. #7 Predacons
Don't look for a QB to lead the way in this one. Lamar Jackson brought the Bolts to the postseason but he's already been ruled out for Week 15. It's looking like Russell Wilson against Kirk Cousins for a shot at the semifinals. Yikes. The Preds haven't scored more than 89 points since the last time these teams met (in week 9) and it might take at least that many to sneak past the North Division winners.

#3 Phys. Ed. Phenoms vs. #6 the HAW
It seems a little unlucky that PEP has to face off against the HAW after winning the West and claiming the third seed. The CAPS may have finished the regular season at .500 but they're second in scoring and have won five of their last six games. The projections are close and it's looking like it will be our best game of the week. And it come down to Joe Burrow's arm and the overall performance of the Cowboys.

#4 Dumbbums vs. #5 Stiletto Stompers
The 4v5 game should be the most even of all the first round matchups but unfortunately that's not the case this time around. BOTH of the Stompers QBs are on IR (along with a TE for good measure). This one is going to be good for the night owls, with at least one player going tonight, Saturday night, Sunday night and Monday night. Grab some snacks.

Good luck in the playoffs! The trophy awaits!!

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