Thursday, December 04, 2014

3FL Notes: S14: Week 14 (Quarterfinals) Preview

What a finale! Records were broken and playoff invitations came down to the wire. The league scored the most points ever in a season. And now the matchups are set and the postseason is ready to begin!

Remember that ROSTERS WILL LOCK AT 1pm THIS SUNDAY, December 7th. You will not be able to add/drop after this time. Make sure your team is ready for the playoffs before then.

Three wins in a row wins it all!!

Week 13 Recap

Top Scoring 3FL Team: the HAW - 120 points (T-4th all-time)

Player MVPs:
Drew Brees (QB/NO/TCC) - 35 points
Andrew Luck (QB/Ind/tH) - 34 points
Tre Mason (RB/StL/SV) - 25 points

Regular Season Final Predictions Tally

The Comm-nosticator: 51/78 - 65.38%
League Voting: 45/78 - 57.69%
Yahoo! Projections: 50/78 - 64.10%

Voting is up and running for the playoffs! Go vote!!

Week 14 Information

Thursday Night: Dallas Cowboys @ Chicago Bears
Sunday Night: New England Patriots @ San Diego Chargers
Monday Night: Atlanta Falcons @ Green Bay Packers

The Comm-nosticator is finished for the year, but game previews are not...

#1 the HAW vs. #8 Yuengling Brewers
The HAW just earned a spot record books for their week 13 performance and their total for the year. They scored the most points, had the best record and claimed the top seed in the playoffs. But that's the problem. Can the Brew Crew enforce the curse? They snuck into the postseason even after a loss last week, but the matchups are better than you think. And the Brewers were the last team to beat the CAPS. Of course, Coach HAW is the only one who has ever broken the curse, so...

#2 Predacons vs. #7 Lightning
Somehow the Preds ended up with the second seed, but let's be real. They scored the third lowest point total during the regular season and the luck that saw them reach 9-4 has to run out at some point. The Bolts had a losing record this year but scored more than 900 points. Plus Brady and Gronk have been back to form lately. And the Preds have way too many players going tonight - Thursday night football has not been good to them this year.

#3 Spiked Vipers vs. #6 Baltimorons
SpiVi just beat the 'Morons last week to run their winning streak to a league high four games. In fact, they won both head-to-head matchups this season. But Aaron Rodgers under center for the newlywed means that anything can happen in this third meeting. All those Qs aren't a good sign, but Coach Drew has scored 100 more points this year. And no matter what, a gold starred helmet will win.

#4 Misfits, Inc. vs. #5 Dumbbums
Our third divisional matchup rounds out an amazing group of quarterfinal games. We all know what Peyton Manning can do, but Cam Newton somehow lead FitzCorp to the North Division title. It might come down to MNF and which Falcons' WR can some through for their team. But it might also come down to who is healthy enough to play at all this weekend. Those Ps and Qs are a little scary and could be the difference.

Good luck in the playoffs! The trophy awaits!

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