Tuesday, September 08, 2020

3FL Notes: 2020 Draft Analysis

Eleven of our twelve teams were represented during the online draft on Thursday night. Here is an analysis of the results (in draft order):

1. the HAW: With the first pick the CAPS selected the consensus #1 pick Christian McCaffrey. They also received the (unsponsored this season) Best Draft™ award, despite selecting two TEs and a guy on the COVID-19 list. Grade: B+ (Yahoo! Grade: A-)

2. Dumbbums: The second pick spot didn't go as well as the first. Yahoo! gave the 'Bums the Worst Draft (no trademark or sponsorship) grade. I don't actually think the team is that bad. But they will lean heavily on the Steelers Offense. Grade: C (Yahoo! Grade: D+)

3. Lightning: The Bolts were unable to attend the draft this year so we couldn't watch all the picks that made sense to a spreadsheet. The team that was autodrafted is just ok. First move would be to drop one of the extra TEs or DEFs to get some help at WR3. Grade: C (Yahoo! Grade: C)

4. Spiked Vipers: This team looks really good. SpiVi did their patented early defense selection, but the rest of the team ended up solid all around. This is my pick for the team to beat this year. Grade: A- (Yahoo! Grade: B)

5. Baltimorons: Yahoo! was not nice to the 'Morons with their draft assessment. And I usually think things are better than the automated insights, but this team is not great. Seems like things got jammed up early and they had to scramble to fill some important spots. Grade: D (Yahoo! Grade: D+)

6. Yuengling Brewers: Seems like the Brew Crew went with Eagles, Chiefs and former Nittany Lions this year. But that's all good if you have Patrick Mahomes. Grade: B- (Yahoo! Grade: C)

7. Misfits, Inc.: The defending champions look a little different than usual. Their draft this year featured late QBs, an early DEF and K, and not a single Eagle. But the overall results seem to be the same. Grade: B (Yahoo! Grade: B)

8. Marauders: It seems like Coach Hoss selected every rookie available in the draft. Four Marauders have never played an NFL game. On the other side of things, Tom Brady has played 285. But maybe all of those players will surprise everyone. Grade: C (Yahoo! Grade: C)

9. Stiletto Stompers: A solid draft strategy was implemented perfectly by the Stompers, and their team ended up strong and well rounded. Also, it's hard to bet against Lamar Jackson, no? Grade: B (Yahoo! Grade: B+)

10. Renegades: The top half of the Renegades draft looks good, and the bottom half is full of players who could turn out way better than their ADP would have you believe. You can't expect much more than that from the 10 spot, especially when drafting right next to your housemate for the second straight year. Grade: B- (Yahoo! Grade: B)

11. Phys. Ed. Phenoms: It's the usual turn of events for PEP. Good team. Solid starters. Good strategy with the next to last pick. They just need to hope that nobody gets hurt. Grade: B- (Yahoo! Grade: B-)

12. Predacons: It was pretty clear that the Preds were not used to being at the end of the draft order. The overall team ended up fine, but things look way different than usual. Most of the season will probably involve picking between two players with equal projections. Grade: B (Yahoo! Grade: B)

The Comm-nosticator makes his first predictions soon. Stay tuned.

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