Thursday, November 12, 2020

3FL Notes: S20: Week 10 Preview

Misfits, Inc. scored the high total last week, pushing their winning streak to seven games and claiming our first playoff spot and a shot at defending the title. Will any other teams join them after our Rivalry Week?

Week 9 Recap

Top Scoring 3FL Team: Misfits, Inc. - 123 points

Player MVPs:
Kyler Murray (QB/Ari/tH) - 37 points
Dalvin Cook (RB/Min/R) - 36 points
Josh Allen (QB/Buf/MI) - 33 points

Predictions Tally

The Comm-nosticator: 32/54 - 59.26%
Yahoo! Projections: 27/54 - 50%

Week 10 Information

Thursday Night: Indianapolis Colts @ Tennessee Titans
Sunday Night: Baltimore Ravens @ New England Patriots
Monday Night: Minnesota Vikings @ Chicago Bears
Bye Week: Chiefs, Cowboys, Falcons, Jets

And now the Comm-nosticator’s predictions for Rivalry Week:

the HAW (-1) vs. Yuengling Brewers
This is usually one of our most fun rivalries, but not this year. The Brew Crew has a bench full of bye week stars and they still don't have a full starting roster. It's an unnecessary gift for the CAPS, who have won four straight and are up to fifth in the league. Now if only they could get the #1 pick back for more than a single week at a time.

Dumbbums (-1/2) vs. Baltimorons
The 'Bums have taken over the lead in our most competitive division and are looking for another win to keep that spot. The Steelers game is going to be important for Coach Coaldog, but the 'Morons need to start with a big game tonight to have a chance to outperform their low projections.

Spiked Vipers (-1) vs. Phys. Ed. Phenoms
A down week gave SpiVi another L but they're still on pace to break the season scoring record (now by only 60+ points). I still can't understand how they've put up so many points but also have three losses. It looks like they'll be able to get another win here, though, as the Phenoms are hit hard by the byes.

Misfits, Inc. (-1/2) vs. Predacons
We still have a month to go in the regular season and FitzCorp has already punched their ticket to the postseason. Can they keep the trophy? Seven straight wins says yes. There's a good chance it could become eight straight this week, as the Preds might not have enough healthy RBs to fill their starting spots.

Lightning (-1/2) vs. Marauders
Despite starting a TE on the IR, the 'Bolts squeaked to a one point victory in the final minutes of MNF last week. They get a lucky draw this week as Coach Hoss has some of his best players on a bye. The matchup ends up being really close but I'm leaning toward the upset.

And the game of the week...

Renegades (-1/2) vs. Stiletto Stompers
Our twin billing looks like a great matchup to finish Rivalry Week. Though not even across positions, the total scores point toward a tie (as long as both remember to hit the waiver wire before Sunday). Prime time is huge here, as Lamar Jackson highlights the Stompers' Sunday night lineup and Dalvin Cook is set to finalize the Renegades comeback on MNF.

Good luck this week.

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